Paul Novak

Paul NovakWhat started as something to do on Thursday Nights, Paul walked into Rebecca’s studio nine years ago. He left dancing the Mambo, which quickly developed into his passion.

Under the patient guidance of Rebecca, Heriberto, Adolfo Ignaccochea and Melissa Rosado, Paul acquired the flow and beauty of moving to the music, then the rhythm, and then how to perform.

He now exudes the energy, intensity and soul that personifies Mambo.  Today, Paul has expanded his understanding of dance, movement, performing, connection and energy to enjoy every dance to its fullest.

The adrenaline while performing at local competitions motivated Paul to push himself to perform at the DC and Chicago Salsa Congress.

Nine years ago, he was content to be the one having the most fun. Now he wants you to join and share in that fun, and to learn something to make your dance the best it can be. To feel the soul and passion that he feels is the great genre of dance.

Paul enjoys teaching Mambo, Cha-Cha, Men’s styling, Shines, and Leading techniques. From him you will grow from stepping, to moving, to flowing.

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