Laurel Muzic

Laurel Muzic was inspired to start her dance career one night at Salsa and Ceviche. After she was taken there multiple times by her friends, she couldn’t help but catch the “Latin bug.”  “I want to be just like those beautiful women dancing!” she said to her friends and they steered her in the direction of Viva Dance Studio. Laurel took lessons at Viva Dance Studio and was instantly hooked! Dancing became a major part in her life and if she wasn’t working, she was dancing. She had a fire in her soul to learn anything she could about dance.  Her love for Latin and her love of teaching people blossomed into her career at Viva. Laurel loves to teach Bachata, Salsa and Merengue, with Bachata being the love of her life.

“I love teaching beginners to dance, their energy and want to learn is infectious! I want people to see the fun in life and what better way to express that than through dance!”

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