Joe Fornadel

Joe Fornadel has been teaching Salsa for over 15 years. What started as an interest quickly transformed into a passion.Joe Fornadel

Joe has studied technique from some of the ‘Salsa Greats’, such as: Eddie Torres, David Paris, Juan Calderon, Al “liquid silver” Espinoza, Shaka Brown, Victor and Burju Perez, Sekou McMiller, Ismael Otero, Adolfo Indacochea, Melissa Rosado, Rebecca Sweet, Heriberto Perez and Jeff & Colleen Shirey. He considers learning lifts and tricks from David Paris an exceptionally memorable experience.

Joe has worked with the Viva Saoco De Mambo dance team. Together with the team he performed at the DC and Chicago salsa congresses. He has performed at the State Theater and has appeared in 45 local theater productions.

Joe previously taught at Viva Dance in Strongsville and the Latin Soul Ballroom in Middleburg Heights. He is a proud member of the new Viva Dance Studio Family.

Through all of his studies he has developed a vast repertoire of moves and techniques that he continues to update, improve, and implement. As one of the founding members of Baila Duro and the lead instructor for Tropical Rhythms, he is actively involved with many community dance organizations.  He choreographs for the salsa performance group “The Dance Team”.

“I look forward to learning and growing with my students as we explore the many facets of dancing and hope that I inspire and support them, just as my instructors have done for me.”


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