Crystal Bedford

CrystalBedford copy“Dancing is my passion. It has given me so much, including the freedom to be myself. So if you ever want to know me, ask me to dance.”

Dance Teacher, Performer, Event Planner, Co-Organizer of the “Columbus Salsa Weekend”, Founder/Choreographer / Director of Dance Konnection (Which has 2 Teams, Cleveland and Columbus), and Bachata Mama to her Performance Classes.  She has always loved dance. However it wasn’t until she was introduced to Salsa at Ceviche, that she realized her true passion for dance. Or as Crystal puts it “The first time I set foot on that dance floor, I was hooked. It was love at first step.”

Social Latin dancing comes natural to Crystal. She immediately gravitated toward learning all she could. That is how she landed at a ballroom studio. “Initially, I thought I only wanted to learn Salsa, but they convinced me to come to a ballroom social. That is when my eyes opened to another world, ballroom dancing. They looked so graceful; they appeared to float and glide across the floor. It just proves, you never know what you will like until you try it.”

Crystal has trained in everything—from Competitive Ballroom to Social Latin, specializing in Bachata. She constantly strives to improve her technique, styling, lead and follow, as well as her overall dance knowledge. Crystal believes that we should always continue to grow as dancers. “Dance continues to grow and evolve, and we as dancers should grow and evolve with it.”

As an artist, Crystal always strives to learn and to be better than she was the day before. She has traveled many weekends to different locations in her quest to learn more about the many styles of dance. That quest has led her to perform and teach workshops at Congresses with many of the world’s most acclaimed artists. She has been to place like Miami, Indianapolis, Charlottle, Chicago, New York, DC, Montreal (Canda) and more… learning, teaching, performing and making friends along the way.

As a teacher, she makes her dance instruction not only beneficial for students, but also genuinely engaging and effervescent. She hopes to inspire students to find their passion and their sense of self. Crystal currently runs weekly classes, monthly events, is Co-organizer of the “Columbus Salsa Weekend”, has multiple Performance classes, and choreographs for and directs 2 Dance Konnection teams in different cities.


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