But I have two left feet, can I really learn how to dance?

Yes. Absolutely!


How do I get started?

Call, email, or just walk into our studio! We will take care of the rest!


When can I take a class?

We offer different group classes every day of the week, week day evenings and during the day on the weekends.

Private classes are scheduled through the front desk – in person, over email or on the phone – and are taught every day from noon till closing. We will work around your schedule to provide the best dance instruction custom tailored for you!


How long will it take me to get really good at dancing?

That depends on the amount of motivation you have and the amount of lessons you take. You will be able to stay on the dancefloor and enjoy yourself at a dance social after one of our group or pre-dance classes!


Do I need a partner?

Not at all! On a private lesson your instructor will serve as your partner, in group classes students rotate and everyone gets a chance to dance.


What should I wear to class?

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in.


What kind of shoes do I need?

We recommend dance shoes. However, if you are a beginner dancer and do not yet have a pair of dance shoes, wear shoes that do not easily slip off your feet. We advise against flip flops, rubber soles, or anything that limits your mobility.


Where can I get dance shoes?

We recommend our good friends at Dancer In You, they always carry many different styles from a large selection of dance shoe companies! http://thedancerinyou.com/

Still have questions? Email us at hi@vivadancestudio.com or call 216.361.1338